Nina Lekhi started Baggit in 1990 with an aspiration and may be not a lot of hope. She did not know where her little home purse designing business was headed, but she knew she was curious to find out.

Passion is the ability to follow a dream not just when things are going well but when things are arduous and even your own inner voice is telling you that this is not going to work. Nina has faced many challenges over the years but has always found the courage to pick up and keep moving forward. It was her passion for arts that encouraged her to take up a diploma foundation arts course from Sophia’s Polytechnic.

Balancing two part time courses – Screen printing and Interior Decoration along with a job as a sales woman on the side; she learnt a lot of important lessons and gained customer insights on the shop floor. Her immense positive energy and strong passion to succeed drove her vision. She picked up the tools of the trade very quickly and started on a journey in 1985 called ‘Baggit’, which is now one of the leading handbag brand in India.

Inspired by a variety of sources – both Indian and international – and armed with her own unique aesthetic, Nina started experimenting with canvas,faux leather and material to create handbags in her own signature styles. Nina loves color and always selected vibrant hues to express her artistic vision and reflect her colorful personality. These aspects became the foundation of her accessory brand – Baggit.

Even though Baggit has achieved the status of being the largest selling bag brand in India, and become the fashion powerhouse it is today, Nina has never strayed far from her roots, she continues to be an ardent practitioner of Siddha Samadhi yoga and continues her philosophy of cruelty-free beauty. This has brought Baggit international recognition from animal rights group PETA and established Baggit as the Indian brand with a soul.

Nina has not only earned credits for her brand, but also has been acknowledged by the State of Maharashtra with the prestigious Business Karmayogini Award for her excellence in the field of women entrepreneurship. Nina was conferred Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Entrepreneur India Awards 2015. Her achievements in the field of women entrepreneurship was also been featured in the book ‘Follow Every Rainbow’ by renowned writer Rashmi Bansal.