Author: ninalekhi

Work-Life Balance: It’s NOT a Myth!

Being an entrepreneur, sometimes it is very easy to be consumed by work and lead what many may call a boring lifestyle, but you have to make sure you maintain a reasonable balance between life and work. But, it is easier said than done – you need to always remind yourself that you are much more than your job or your business and ensure that you have your priorities right.

Two powerful yet underestimated tools to find these priorities are Planning and Organizing- and yes, they are two different things! Before I step into the office, not only my day is planned entirely but I have also repeated the actions of my day to myself a number of times to create my day. Being organized is a direct result of this planning and it gives me a sense of calm and peace of mind. Even if there are unplanned items that appear in the day I am at peace to be able to handle them because I am aware that I create them. Over years of this practice, I have realised that the unplanned events have reduced as I say my vision out loud. An important struggle that most entrepreneurs feel here is whether to be micro-planners or risk-takers, but what they should realise is that they aren’t mutually exclusive working styles. There are times in life where I need to take risks in order to understand the wonder of life. I am an avid planner, and so micro-planning is also a part and parcel of my life. So like everything else, these two styles need to have a balance as well.

Besides this, to get away from my daily work routine at Baggit, I make it a point to visit the Siddha Samadhi Yoga ashram in Katarkhadak, Pune during the weekends to spend time with my family and experience bliss in nature. Instead of two days, I take a three-day weekend break. Since both mental and physical fitness is very important to me I take this time at the ashram to get both. Meditation is the best way that helps me stay positive and relaxed, it lets me de-stress and focus well. I also follow a strict fitness regime via a diet and regularly hitting the gym at Baggit.

I am often asked how I get the high energy, but I always love to stay in high spirits. I believe my job, yoga, meditation, staying fit and eating right automatically gets me feeling fresh and happy. Hence, all Baggit employees are also encouraged to take 15 minutes of their daily routine to meditate at their desk. We even meet on a fortnightly basis to share our personal and company visions and meditate together. That is how we realised the dream of being a Made in India brand which manufactures cruelty-free vegan bags. I strongly believe that happiness lies within.

I believe success is never a destination it is a journey where I am constantly trying to achieve more. Failure is not a bad thing, it teaches me to get ahead in life and achieve success. Every bad situation allows me to get something positive out of it, making me much more careful and stronger in my future endeavours. Adapting this attitude will slowly but surely ensure that work-life balance is not just fancy words in a motivational speech but something you are able to achieve every day.