Nature revising itself | Baggit reviving Sustainable Fashion

The global pandemic had led to a major lockdown in most of the countries. This lockdown period has given nature time to heal itself and restore Earth by controlling air, water and noise pollution temporarily. In short, human beings are not disrupting nature like before. Birds are chirping, air pollution is decreasing, water is clearer and animals are returning to their habitats. The sky is clearly visible with beautiful star and moon. Rivers are self-cleaning in absence of industrial wastes in India. Ganges water in Rishikesh is even fit for drinking for the first time in years.

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This has led to many organisations manufacturing eco-friendly products, our customers also have become conscious of their choices and make sure they chose products that are environmentally friendly. What I have observed these days is that we should move towards a more circular economy that could deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth.

Similarly, we at Baggit have always tried to conserve nature, by creating products which are recyclable. For example, we have designed an upcoming collection of cane bags, the cane is sourced from the interiors of India which are fully recyclable, further reducing its impact on the environment. Previously, we had created a collection called ‘Tyre Play’ to promote sustainable fashion. Then we had ‘The Denim Story Collection’ which is handcrafted making use of reusable Denim material.

Upcoming Cane Bags by Baggit


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As more and more of us can move towards natural products, these cane bags may not last as much as PVC bags but PVC bags have to recycled by sending them to a recycling centre whereas these cane bags will just disintegrate into Mother Earth and not cause any harm at all.

Baggit as a brand always encourages people to recycle their bags, by bringing their old PVC bags to our store and getting a discount on the purchase of any new Baggit bag. We at Baggit promote sustainable fashion, which is not harmful to the environment and the living. We make sure our products are up to mark and do not harm any of the living beings.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, due to the lockdown, mother earth is happy again! Mother earth is healing quickly due to less environmental pollution. The positive impact on the environment may be temporary, but we as individuals should learn from this lockdown on how to reduce pollution on a long term basis. It is time to stop cutting trees endlessly, take care of our rivers and start giving back to mother earth even after Coronavirus is gone.