Dream Big….Start Small….

As they say, behind every successful business there is a strong team. Same way behind me and Baggit’s success, I think is an everlasting determination and my motivated team to keep going at recreating and reinventing the business. Behind me and Baggit’s success, stands a very determined and motivated team, which keeps going through ups and downs without moving away from the larger business objectives. My team has always been a constant support system, whether it be my physical strength or mental strength, whether it be all the odds of being a woman, a brand owner, a #MadeInIndia brand. A brand that speaks more from the heart, where the focus is more on the growth of the employees, the care for the planet versus just achieving targets.


How amazing it is, as I grew into a larger organisation and bigger stakes, I have to not only focus more and more on achieving targets but also focus on the bigger picture, focus on the livelihood of my people, my Baggit family. What I feel is to make a recyclable supply chain where my customers give the products back to me for recycling (as yet I know that the recycling focus in India is really low). We at Baggit promote sustainable fashion, which is not harmful to the environment and the living. We make sure our products are up to mark and do not harm any of the living beings. Baggit as a brand has started an initiative to conserve nature, we encourage customers to recycle their bags by asking them to exchange their old PVC bag with the new Baggit bag, they can avail discounts on any Baggit bag in return. The main objective is to make people aware of recycling and the harmful effects of natural leather and PU.

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Sometimes, I so wish, I could just make more products that could serve the planet, serve the purpose for the Indian women, with all that Baggit has to offer with all the functionality, the ease, the comfort, the well thought-through products, the fashion, the sensibilities that we bring in, the colours. The hues that you get in nature just enthral me completely TO MY CORE.

The more I dream about this and I wish that we can move towards reusing, recycling, consuming lesser, and if we need to consume only then we consume. We only use what will help conserve our mother earth.

“They say I’m just a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. We hope someday you’ll join us and the world could live as one”