At Baggit, Excellence is not a Value, it is a Discipline

Whenever I come across the core values of an organisation, I often read the phrase ‘we strive to deliver excellence’. This is a very deep statement as it is one thing to say that your company is committed to quality and excellence, and another is to prove your dedication to this goal.

For us at Baggit, excellence is not just a value, it is a norm or discipline which we follow every single day of the brand journey.

The quality of our products is a reflection of the pride we take in what we do and what we make possible. As an entrepreneur, I am extremely passionate about the process and product. In an era of mass production and a sea of ‘Made in China’ goods, Baggit takes pride in being loyal to its roots.

We deliver excellence and quality by being faithful to our home soil, our local designers, and indigenous artisans and craftsmen that understand the authenticity, aesthetic and integrity of ‘Made in India’ products.


Creating the Baggit Trust, Over the Years

With our passion to continuously innovate, improve and create products par-excellence, we are where we are today. I train my people to strive to deliver excellence and be true to the brand objective by incorporating the following:

  • Optimum product mix: Our products are an amalgamation of the latest trends that are Indian in sensibility with a modern twist that cater to customers from all walks of life.
  • Sustainability is our priority: Sustainability is the mainstay of our brand and society has always helped us nourish this value. We deliver quality handbags that are manufactured of cruelty-free material. The same initiative earned us a PETA award.
  • 30 years of excellence: Delivering superior quality and leveraging on local talent has helped us reach the zenith of success.

- 5th

Delivering Performance Excellence, the Baggit Way

At Baggit, we encourage performance excellence by reinforcing the following:

  • We constantly raise our performance standards in every aspect of our work by improving designs, drawings, and communication on a day-to-day basis.
  • We deliver excellent products and services to our internal and external customers.

I would like to conclude by saying that excellence doesn’t just happen. It is a by-product of a well-coordinated process, ethical business practices and the constant desire to deliver to the needs of the customers.