Respect & Trust – Our Cornerstone

An organisation’s values help in identifying what the company and its people care about. Thus, from the beginning, respect and trust have always been a cornerstone at Baggit. It is our mantra to build an ethical and socially-responsible organisation. Sharing a few things I learnt during my growing up years.

I remember the days when I used to intern with Mike Kriplani, who was a retailer of luxury salwar-kameez back then, I learnt A-Z of store management during my internship days. Then one day, when I made my first few set of bags, I requested Mike to give me some counter space at his store to display my bags for which he readily agreed. That’s when I learnt, that people should respect each other’s business and help each other. His trust in me was stepping stone towards my business.

Another incident which I could recollect was when I received my first big order. One day I got a call from someone named Jalaal Bhai who ran a store called Regal in Bandra. He had placed an order for 200 bags, I took my bags to their store with the help of my brother Mukesh. After we arranged all the bags at their store, Jalaal Bhai, who I hardly knew immediately opened his drawer and gave me INR 45,380. I was overwhelmed! He trusted in me and my bags, I trusted him for the payment.


These small experiences help me realise that respect and trust are the core values of any business.

Our Values Establish the Work Culture at Baggit

Everything our company does is driven by our powerful values. The work culture at Baggit is extremely diverse. When I say diverse, I do not mean physical attributes, race or gender. It only means that there is a talent pool of individuals possessing different work-styles and personalities.

Though workplace diversity is a good thing, accepting it is not easy. There are instances when there may be a clash over a project, employees may disagree or refuse to look eye-to-eye. This mainly occurs because everyone has a different perspective and outlook.

During times like these, I and my HOD’s have to step in and make employees understand that successful businesses are built on relationships. Establishing ethical work-practices makes our employees feel respected and appreciated.


Building Respect and Trust: 3 Steps we Implement

In order to foster respect and trust at Baggit, we implement the following steps:

  • We respect individuals, their perspectives, time and work: I believe that employees who feel respected are more loyal to their firms. No matter where an employee is coming from, we respect him/her for the work he/she does and their dedication.
  • We trust our colleagues and partners to do the right thing for Baggit: Every healthy working relationship starts with trust and honesty. Whether it’s our co-workers, partners, customers or the community, we believe in delivering on the commitments we make.
  • We communicate compassionately with everyone: Over the years, I have realized that the key to establishing trust and honesty in a workplace is communication. When you keep employees informed about various happenings, it encourages honesty. A compassionate workplace also enhances employee retention.

Creating an atmosphere of respect and trust is not difficult, however, maintaining it is. When all the above three steps are implemented, the end product will be a more creative and productive workforce.