My Recent Trip to Auli – An Eden On Earth & A Skier’s Paradise – Part 2


‘Life is either a great adventure or nothing!’ – Helen Keller

My trip to Auli was made me realise how adventure teaches us new things which can be practically used in our day to day life! To continue with my previous blog, here are few of my experiences and learnings.

Day 4

The adventure and thrill of the previous day had tired us but our spirits were still high. After feasting on an elaborate breakfast spread at Mountain Rover, it was time for us to check out and check into The Clifftop Club which was a 10KM from our origin. This time we were staying much closer to the sky-touching mountains. I could literally feel my heart and soul filled with eternal peace. The view was spectacular. Nothing in the world could beat this sojourn. Basking on the snow carpet of nature with the people you love is another feeling altogether.

Learning: Everytime I was cruising down the slope while skiing, I was excited, and would forget about the breaks that the skiing sir taught us, I did not know how to gently apply the breaks and always kept falling down! This reminds me of my business to keep creating the SI (Segment Intending), taking the blessings of Lord Krishna, being with the 4 mantra focussed and seeing the larger picture and cruising away to our goal.

Day 5

After a good night’s sleep in minus temperatures, we were fresh for our final skiing expedition. We were super-thrilled to enjoy the private skiing at our hotel. We had learned a few tricks from our first experience and decided to apply them here.

The view was magnificent and all we could see is thick fog in front of us. We often stopped in between to calm our breath down and grab some piping-hot coffee and Maggi. The experience is something that is second-to-none which no 5-star hotel or Michelin star restaurant can offer. Priceless in its true sense!

Learning: The thrill of sliding down the mountain while skiing versus the fearful thoughts of possible mishaps and being able to over-ride them all. It’s a crazy feeling of achievement beyond words!


Day 6

I woke up with a lump in my throat. I really didn’t want to leave this scenic place. But I guess, that’s the reality of every memorable holiday. It was time for us to bid goodbye to the incredible beauty of mother nature and go back home where loud horns, maddening traffic and uncontrollable pollution plagues us.

Our trip to Auli was magical. It truly is an Eden on earth that will leave you spellbound. I took the astounding beauty of this winter destination back home and of course, a lot of happy memories and learnings.

Until next time!