Being a Woman is my Superpower

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” – Michelle Obama.

My superpower is that I am a woman and I am proud of it. Today, being a woman is truly an amazing thing. We’re so busy redefining ‘modern feminism’ that we often forget many strides we’ve made. Owing to usual dining tables conversations and bellowing newsroom debates that speak overtly of ‘women empowerment’ and ‘feminism’, we’re often plagued by the downers.

Gone are the days when women were looked upon as damsels-in-distress. Today, the same ‘women’ are challenging stereotypes, breaking barriers, taking up leadership roles and making a mark in every possible field. P.V Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, and Dipa Karmakar are fine superheroes who’ve defied and smashed stereotypes in India.

Feminism is important in a country like India. It’s not about demeaning men. For me, it’s about uplifting women and defying stereotypes. India needs feminism to ensure women are treated equally irrespective of their career choices and receive the same amount of money as their male counterparts for the work they do. Now is the time to bust gender stereotypes and roles.

Feminism according to me…


I believe a woman should be what she dreams to be. Every woman has the right to do what she loves and what she is passionate about. In my organization, we have aimed to create more employment for women employees by increasing our female staff. Hence, the male-female ratio would be 50:50 and I feel all companies in India and abroad should try to implement the same.

To me, being a female does not restrict me to do certain things. My superpower is that I am a woman and I can actually tackle anything in life. I think we as women take inspiration from various powerful Goddesses which has helped a woman to go from strength-to-strength today. A woman is someone who ‘Puts her thoughts and views on the table’ without any fear.

A lot of people confuse feminism with making a woman strong. Women are already strong and thick-skinned. Now is the time we change the way the world perceives this strength and superpower.

Bottomline: If you’re a woman, you already are a superhero!