Professionalism at Work – Beyond How You Look

“Work is worship big or small, do it well and that is all”.

I’ve often heard people say, ‘If you want to be successful, it is essential to be professional’. But what does the word ‘professional’ actually mean?

It is a subjective term that has many definitions. For some, being professional may be about physical appearance or strong communication while for others, it means possessing advanced degrees and certificates.

Whatever it is, everyone has their own notions of being professional at work.

Once somebody asked me my views on professionalism and I told him that it is an umbrella term that goes beyond how you look, how you talk and how qualified you are.

‘Professionalism’ – a word that is used so casually, actually carries a lot of weight. It is a deciding factor that defines the success level of an individual. It is, in fact, the way a person conducts himself at work to represent himself and his company in a positive way. The level of professionalism a person possesses can make or break his/her career.


3 Principles of Professionalism we Follow

For us at Baggit, professionalism is something we instil in every individual. We want our employees to be on the same page as us and thus we train them extensively so that they adjust to the working atmosphere.

The three principles of professionalism that make up our organisation include:

  1. We own and are accountable for our work in true entrepreneurial spirit.

Everyone at Baggit has been given their space and freedom to work. My HOD’s are the ones I completely trust. They work as entrepreneurs, thus giving more output to the company!

    2.  We perform all aspects of work with integrity and transparency.

Being a bag brand we deal with customers on day to day basis, be it online or offline. We provide our customers with details of the product including the size, colour, manufacturing date, etc.

   3. We conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner.

With our ethical actions, strong communication skills and the ability to stay calm in difficult situations. Hence I conclude that Baggit is a Professional organization that Respects & Trusts its people to deliver Excellent Products & Services to its customers.


Bottomline: Professionalism is not something a company can learn overnight. To be viewed as a professional organisation by your peers, you have to take small steps in various directions. Most importantly, set a standard of professionalism so that your employees, partners and everyone else associated with your brand know what is expected of them.