Cult Products: Turning Customers into Believers

Being a millennial in today’s age, you’ve probably heard the words K-beauty (Korean Beauty) and J-beauty (Japanese Beauty) ruling the skincare, makeup and hair care space. Well, that’s not all, Cult Beauty is another favourite buzzword that’s been doing the rounds. So, who decides if a brand is worthy of a ‘cult following’?

The truth is that these products have been around for years but lately, they’ve developed a zealously dedicated fanbase.

Let’s take my everyday life for instance. I use certain products that have been passed on through generations. Whether it’s my favourite moisturiser or shampoo, I continue my association with a certain product because it delights me like no other product on the supermarket shelf. When products actually do what they say, we love them for it and these really are the ‘cult products’ we need.

How do Brands Achieve a Cult Status?

Back in the day, all brands needed to do is create a television ad screaming and bellowing for attention to engage and inspire a potential customer. Things are changing today. An average customer is sick and tired of being ‘sold to’. Instead, customers crave experiences today.

Whether a product is worth INR 100 or INR 10,000, if it is worthy of its true intent, customers will actually become unpaid advocates of the brand.

When a brand starts selling lifestyles and not just their products, that’s when they truly achieve a cult status.

Cult Products I swear by…

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To me, Cult products are products that are not only trending but also are comforting and visually appealing to the body contour, skin colour and hair colour. I personally love L’Oréal’s Age Perfect by Excellence in Layered-Tone Creme Hair Colour (9N Light Natural Blonde) which I have been using for years now because the quality of the product is maintained and is working very well for me.

I also love to be in my comfort zone when I am taking the road for my travel as I use that time for meditation and relaxing. There’s no other car than the Toyota Innova Crysta which I feel is the perfect fit for me. The recliner seats and the kind of space available really gives me a comforting experience.

There are many more to list down. However, there are certain brands we adore, there is some kind of emotional attachment with them and there are products we relate to. I would love to make Baggit a brand which is a part of every women’s wardrobe and lifestyle.

Bottomline: A brand isn’t a brand if the people who buy it don’t love it or follow it.