How I foresee 2020!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Earlier, we used to design and manufacture products close to our deadlines. Over the years, I have realized, being a fashion brand we need to update ourselves with the future trends in fashion and thus I started keeping my collections ready in advance. We started with the planning of the design, sourcing of the material, making samples and then creating the final product as we work at least 1 season ahead. So when I know it’s SS20, we had started with planning our collections and designs a year before. I foresee 2020 as the year which personally and professionally helps me grow.

On a personal stance, I would love to travel and explore more new places. I would also love to go on a ‘Padyatra’ adventure which I haven’t been for years now. On the professional front, Baggit is growing on a large scale and since we have started our business in International markets would like to explore other geographics and make Baggit a global brand.

Beauty for a woman

For me a woman is beautiful when she is herself, she not trying to be someone with the perfect size, the perfect colour, the perfect hair, etc. Someone who has confidence in her body language and can carry whatever she wears. The beauty of a woman lies in her willingness to achieve her dreams in spite of barriers and leading life on her own terms.


2020 Goals:

I have a few key objectives that I wish to attain in 2020. I would like to start by having a balanced gender ratio at Baggit. We have already taken a step in this direction and we have started on-boarding capable women to work under different domains. We plan to create abundance and opportunities for all the employees at Baggit.

Also with the advent of ‘Made In India’ philosophy, we at Baggit have been following this philosophy for quite a long time & it is an integral part of the Baggit ecosystem. Going forward I wish to take this philosophy to different international geographies.

Another focus area for me would be to create more avenues by implementing new initiatives for the employment of people in Katarkhadak, Pune, a small village which we had adopted a few years back. We have been collectively working for the upliftment of the people of Katarkhadak and we wish to continue our work there.

On the personal front, being an avid traveller, I am planning to explore a lot more than the previous year. I also wish to take different training programs in the field of adventure and the way of living, along with identifying new geographies for sourcing new raw materials for the company.


I love having a clear strategy in my mind so that going forward there is no confusion, be it for personal goals or professional goals. Everything planned from products, design, operations, finance, marketing, etc helps me focus on core things.