My life fundas

We at Baggit follow certain fundas which over the years have definitely worked for us. I am quite ambitious about my brand being the topmost and one of the most sought after brands in the country. It’s not just about the brand but customer satisfaction as well. Baggit is like my baby which has grown over the years and thus there is an emotional attachment with the brand.


Fundas for employees:

Baggit’s backbone are its employees, they work hard to take this company to different heights. At Baggit, we believe in this age-old maxim because that is the way life is. We apply the concept to people management, our stores, and our products. Also, we believe in job rotation as people get bored of doing the same job every day. Job rotation helps make employees more versatile, giving them a broader understanding of the business.

We conduct regular SSY sessions for our employees which are around various topics like money, relationships, wealth, work-life balance, etc. These sessions are taken by Manoj Lekhi and various other spiritual coaches.

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Fundas for the company:

I believe that every workday can be broken down into smaller steps. To give an example the day can be broken down to 10 important tasks to be achieved. Out of these, I push myself to complete the most difficult task first which enhances my energy and momentum for the rest of the day. This results in effective time management and also makes the day productive and goal-oriented.

We usually conduct Vision Organizing Time Management (V-OTM) sessions every week on Thursdays, I make sure I am also a part of these sessions as I love to see my employees present on various topics. This is an interactive session where we start with meditation, then move on to the presentation and last we discuss department wise changes made in the company.

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Fundas for myself:

Being a part of SSY has taught me to focus not only on myself but also focus on the people around me. Whenever I have a new idea to augment operations, I explain it to the operations team the ‘why & how’ of making it happen. All my business decisions are taken keeping in mind the end result and planning backward to implement each step in detail. Once I decide to do something, I look at all the things that are required to implement it and then estimate a timeline.

These are some of the things which I have learned with my experience in Baggit. Being a part of the brand since its inception has been a great advantage as I know my brand in & out. I always tell people that if you have a passion to pursue it, then go ahead without any fear. It will be tough but the end result will make you happy and content.