What I learnt working with my daughter

When my daughter Vedoci decided to take a break year to pursue her varied interests in Music; Dance and Design, I did not know how to react.  However, I was happy when she decided to work as a freelance product designer in Baggit to create a new range of handbags targeting teens.  I thought it would give us some quality time working together.

The product design job involved understanding customer needs;  designing products that not only fulfill the customer needs but also become expressions of self at another level.  It called for close interactions with varied people including other designers; karigars for making prototypes; purchase team to provide costing; category managers and me for product approval; manufacturing team for production and marketing team for visual merchandising; photoshoot and marketing communication.  Vedoci, as a teenager, was expecting to get things done very fast and had to fight ( in spite of being the daughter of the Boss ) to get the organization moving at her expected pace.

The biggest hurdle was that the fellow designers and the category team were not convinced of the saleability of the designs ( that reflected Vedoci’s beliefs as to what her range should stand for ).  Even I was slightly skeptical, even though as a mother I was proud of her creations.  Vedoci stood her ground and clearly said that she was not prepared to compromise on her vision, just to make the range commercial.  In the end, she got her way.  She also took charge of visual merchandising; the photo-shoot and other marketing communications including social media.

Vedoci’s range called “Look in” has a philosophical message on Life and encourages target customers to introspect on life’s various challenges.  While it has hit the shop-shelves over the last 2-3 weeks, the initial response has been encouraging.  Vedoci was on top of the World when she happened to sell one of her creations to a teenager in New Delhi while visiting the Baggit boutique in a Mall for half an hour.

Vedoci is now focusing on her passion for music and she knows she can be a good entrepreneur if she wants to.  I am pleased with the turn of events.  I respect Vedoci for her stubbornness in not compromising on her self-expression.  I admire her passion and abundant energy.  While Vedoci learned a lot being a budding entrepreneur in the last six months, I also learned how to nurture my daughter’s dreams without getting in the way.  I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

Some of the pictures from the Lookin Collection:

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