Realizations from the Seychelles trip – Part 2

The trip to Seychelles was short but my learnings weren’t, giving more glimpses into my travel experiences-
Talking about my previous experience when I was standing in a queue in Seychelles, I feel there is this inequality modus that we as Indians live in. For e.g. My behavior in a commonplace, like at a movie ticket queue, may be very different versus when I am waiting abroad, or in the Taj hotel, where there are people of high standards are standing in the queue. When I am standing in a common man’s area I will behave like my time is important and I don’t care for the people in the queue. We tend to think about ourselves first, however, everybody wants an opportunity to move ahead and be the first one in the queue.

Similarly, when I look from a professional lens in our work organization also we find that till a person does not see it the same way, responsibly, the discussions go on and on, and we keep going in any direction without a way forward. For E.g. It happened in our material planning where we discussed that we would buy material for a particular thing but we deployed it for something else, now we have only some leftovers of the same material, and we have not finished the whole exercise of what we wanted to do in the first place with that material. Then we have back and forth and never-ending conversations on the same. We all need to have certain plans and agendas in our professional life which helps us give a clear picture of what is best for the company and as an individual.

From a country’s point of view, Narendra Modi ji had done many reforms, some wonderful some maybe not, depends on which perspective one is coming from. Changes made initially like the demonetization, GST, but how much resistance from the people, because everyone is coming from “my wealth”, “my company’s wealth”, but not seeing the overall clean up that was basic hygiene, much needed. But somewhere the entire world needs to understand, that nature and inner growth is first and then comes the financial needs and the basic need at an individual level.
When I traveled outside India, I learned in Seychelles, and also noticed that they have a very high standards of hygiene maintained, not only by the government, but also by the people themselves upholding a very high level of cleanliness and upkeep, where they are preserving nature, where the seas and the skies, and all the shades of blues and greens we learned when we painted in school and college. It is the same Indian ocean that we see in Mumbai and Chennai, and Kerala, but all I see is grey from my bedroom window, so there is a need that we Indians take up our responsibilities to care for our environment…
But a land like Seychelles where nature, is maintained like God itself, we can see their love for the environment. These days, Seychelles is frequently visited by foreigners across the globe, boasts of the superb rate of their Rupaiya, and they have proven to others living close to the Indian ocean and more that we can also do it. SEYCHELLES JUST LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN THAT’S ALL I KNOW AND REMEMBER..and want to see that in India.. and see the need for all of us to get out of Roti, Kapada, Makan. We must not only think about ourselves but also of the environment.


So let me ask you, what would the world be like if most of us would make an effort to push ourselves to conserve nature, work with nature, instead of simply sitting in front of the desktop and these efforts will help us fight the war of recycling. We should be looking at creating eco-friendly products and then not having to worry about how to dispose of these products we make that are a bane to our planet. This will result in reweaving our world into whether it being making handbags or cosmetics or lingerie out of natural substances, that are sustainable.. and imagine we going back to natural products and services then the world would be a better place to live.

Baggit as a brand has started a new initiative to conserve nature. We encourage our customers to recycle their bags by asking them to exchange their old PVC bag with a new Baggit bag. Our objective is to take care of our already impaired environment. Baggit is taking small steps towards nature conservation. What are you doing?