Baggit’s Sustainable Strategy

“Baggit doesn’t believe in killing animals for fashion”

For Baggit, this means creating in a way which is most considerate of humanity and the environment. The goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

I realized on going cruelty-free with Baggit when I first bought a patch of cowhide, treated it and coloured it, kept in my verandah overnight to dry. In the morning my entire bedroom was stinking. I felt terrible and disgusted and decided not to use leather ever for my products. That’s how I realized working on synthetic and faux leather was the best idea.

We at Baggit promote sustainable fashion, which is not harmful to the environment and the living. We make sure our products are up to mark and do not harm any of the living beings.


Baggit’s environmental friendly strategy

Baggit as a brand has been using synthetic leather-like PVC, unlike PU which most of the brands use. PVC has inherently sustainable characteristics and is easily recyclable. It plays a major role in delivering and sustaining the quality, comfort, and safety of modern lifestyles. Synthetic leather is the perfect substitute for natural leather. Not only do they come in realistic leather-like finishes, but they are also durable and helps you cut down production costs.


Also, Baggit as a brand has started a new initiative to conserve nature. Baggit enables customers to recycle their bags by asking them to exchange their old PVC bag with the new Baggit bag, they can avail discounts on any Baggit bag in return. The main objective is to make people aware of recycling and the harmful effects of natural leather and PU.

Society has provided essential nourishment to flourish into the brand we are today. Hence, it is always at the crest of our priorities. We deliver quality bags that are made of cruelty-free material. This sense of awareness capacitated us to lead a clean process which received the PETA award a few years back. This award meant so much to me because it validated my commitment to never use leather for our bags in spite of what the competition was offering.