Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Industries today have witnessed a plethora of start ups that start their way up right from scratch. Currently, the scenario of the start-ups has allowed for so many opportunities to bloom, adding values and essence to the Indian economy. With the rise of entrepreneurship, terms like Unicorn have become a current favourite of full grown adults as well. But what is entrepreneurship? And more importantly, how do entrepreneurs survive? Each day as an entrepreneur acts like a new challenge which demands me to take some intriguing decisions that possess the power to mend or break the results. But the question still remains – Are entrepreneurs born or made? Here’s my attempt at answering this question by picking at slices of my entrepreneurship experience below:

(Don’t) Take Risks

Life is like a game of Jenga and the risks are the little bricks. With every risk you take, you take out a piece that acts as a hindrance in your success. Baggit as a brand has also had the same attitude – as we do not only focus functionality but also on innovation because we believe that innovation is the key to happy consumers. With our communication as well, we lead the conversation of women empowerment in the industry by being the only bag brand that chose to speak on the issue of mansplaining via our first ever TVC starring Shraddha Kapoor.

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Ever Tried. Ever Failed.

When you are passionate about your work, stereotypes are something that you never adhere to. This ideology has helped me to get out of the herd and create a distinct identity for myself. Converting my passion and dream into reality has been possible with this constant need to not be a part of a mold defined by society. But I have to admit that this trait is something that I was born with – it is no wonder then that I broke away from the mold of no women business owners in my family or the other mold of leading a 100+ crores company without any formal management education.



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Penny Wise Pound Foolish

Beginning any business is not easy – the strategic, infrastructural and financial implications are something that nobody prepares you for – much like motherhood. And for me both the babies – Baggit and Vedoci – were born just a few years apart. However, I’ll always be thankful to the teachings of Guruji and SSY that taught me the art of detachment, something that got me through the financial issues. The more I was not concerned about having low financial supplies, the more opportunities the world threw at us to create more wealth. And I purposely use the words ‘create wealth’ as I endeavor every day to create my tomorrow, and to even create my next hour. That is the power of vision led action and of the belief that wealth is nothing but energy – the more it flows, the more power it creates.


Passion to Reality; the Journey of a Lifetime

As the MD, people expect that I interact with consumers in that capacity, for a photo op or as a PR opportunity. But most employees are perplexed to find me at the POS or in the aisles, in full uniform, working hard to convert the consumer in front of me. Sales will always be my passion which nobody can take away from me, not even at my position. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need a hoard of people that share the same passion as you. The pillars of Baggit’s growth along with their teams not only share the same passion but also believe in the ‘walking around’ philosophy. The walking around philosophy is what we use when we ‘walk the talk’ as we believe in setting an example – with employees across levels not being afraid to get their hands dirty.

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Having gone through these, I think I consider myself a successful entrepreneur partly because I have been born and partly because I have been made an entrepreneur. And the fact that it is always this combination because while your instincts come with birth, your experiences build your ability to execute them.