Empowered Women, Empower Women

As Baggit launched its first ever TVC starring Shraddha Kapoor, last year, taking on mansplaining, I took a look at some of our peer brands and how they addressed the pressing need for women empowerment in today’s world. I’m glad to have found so many brands that lead this conversation, because empowered women, empower women! While of course, I will always be biased towards my own brand’s communication, below is a list of some of my (other) favorites:

Baggit Ad Gif

Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ for the Crazy Me

Starting with the most recent one by Nike, their ‘Dream Crazier’ advertisement manages to bring in some very real emotions to life in an amazing manner. Nike has always been a leader in this genre of communication. In this ad, the product is integrated with a subtlety that’s so beautiful that it’s almost poetic. I like how it resonates with everything – each and every woman would have faced these irrespective to what walk of life they belong to. Personally, it evoked emotions which I felt while dreaming big even before I started Baggit; I can’t even count the number of times I have been told the phrases used in the ad.

Anouk’s ‘The Calling’ for the Real Me

Anouk’s ‘The Calling’ campaign might be old, but still remains a favorite, mainly due to its relevance in my personal life. When I got pregnant with Vedoci, many felt I might lose focus on Baggit. But just like Radhika Apte in the commercial, I knew it was just the beginning as I fearlessly took Vedoci to the office and even stopped meetings to feed her when she wanted me. The ad communicates a strong message that is very relevant in the modern world where most women work after marriage as well. Pregnancy should not become a means of judging a woman’s accomplishments at work, and consequently end or even pause her journey of growth – it should be perceived as a weapon of fearless achievement as a new mother is no short of a warrior.

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad for the Progressive Me

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign is again a good take on the modern lifestyle led by many working women today. The commercial from the campaign, in which the dad pens an emotional letter to her daughter who is a working mother, wife and daughter and is expected to manage it all, is marvelously done! The campaign and its success completely revolutionized the category, according to me. Previously, traditional ads had always shown a woman washing clothes. Detergent companies instead of breaking this stereotype even went on to introduce products that were marketed as helping women – like how one variant worked to ensure softness of the female hands were maintained. It was Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign that brought a much-needed freshness into the sector. I have always been a fan of such marketers who are able to really break category truths and be meaningful in the process.

There are of course several other brands that are doing the good work when it comes to promoting women issues and breaking stereotypes. These 3 however, remain few of my favorites and managed to draw a personal connection with me and I am sure with countless other women who see them.