A sneak peek @Baggit culture – time tested fundas that you can apply!

Every organisation in any industry has their own ‘fundas’ for success; a set of core beliefs and values that forms their basic identity. While these may evolve over time, they form an integral driving force for all decisions – major and minor. The brand perception is also built on these foundation fundas; while internal communication is also focused around them.


Retail being an incredibly dynamic industry, it helps to form our core fundas at Baggit, which is ‘Change is the only constant’. I believe this is important for any retailer to remember, otherwise, their business is bound to be short-lived. At Baggit, right from the interiors of our stores to the job description of our employees, everything is constantly changing and always evolving. Everything is in a constant state of improvement, keeping innovation and consumer understanding in mind. For instance, functionality is usually a by-product of the Baggit bags’ designs – something that our consumers not only love but also contribute to via constant feedback and panels. I like to imbibe this funda when it comes to family as well. For example, when Vedoci expressed her interest in the business, to ensure she has a 360 degree exposure, she works with all departments for 2 months each where she learns, brings fresh perspectives and has even designed a new range of bags which were showcased in our SS’19 Range Presentation.


Second in our fundas come, ‘Do the worst task first’. At Baggit, every Thursdays we have a Vision meeting. In these meetings employees from various levels of the organization come together to first practice meditation, then to re-align our strategies with our vision. This is followed by a discussion on business related as well as motivational topics; post a presentation on the topic by one of the employees. Finally this strategy meeting is concluded with a discussion of business and department level projects. In all my years of experience, such discussions I find very frustrating but also the most helpful. However, a new perspective that we got introduced to thanks to the SSY culture, is that project plans just makes sure that it is you who are creating your own future rather than waiting on the future to just happen.

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM (29)Next is our very important funda, which is to always be inclusive. Inclusivity fuels growth. The low attrition rate that Baggit has managed to achieve; lowest rates in @ management level & among key stakeholders, has been possible because of the high level of inclusion that we practice. Decisions, especially the ones that will have an effect down the management line, are only taken after due consultation with all the stakeholders.

at the movie with kids of Katarkadak

Last but not the least among our fundas is ‘Organic growth’. With the tag of a 30-year-old brand, many people always wonder why we are at the stage we are. To them, I always say that I am in no hurry. Our number one focus is always customer satisfaction and staying true to our brand values. An example of this is our choice of TVC. Baggit with its first TVC, starring Shraddha Kapoor taking on mansplaining, decided to be a trendsetter and drive home a message rather than just promote a bag.

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Similarly, organizations that define their values, culture or fundas , as we call them, always find it easier to find their calling, find their path and create the future. I believe following the ethos of these fundas while evolving them over time has made all the difference.