4 Leadership Traits That Define Entrepreneurs

When we look back in history we often see success stories of many accomplished and well-known entrepreneurs. But what we fail to realize is that no two stories are the same. Including myself, every entrepreneur, has made their own path that led them to the success they enjoy today. For me, it was having a creative idea and a strategic vision for my brand. But, would that have been possible if my employees weren’t willing to walk the path I had envisioned?


Many entrepreneurs today take leadership skills for granted – in their quest to be contemporary and casual with their approach to business. They fail to understand that simple things work best when it comes to managing the team. Good leadership played a pivotal role in guiding my actions as an entrepreneur. And here are 4 leadership traits that I wish to share with you:

  1. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no visionIMG_6312

Having a clear vision for your business is one of the most important leadership traits that I believe in. At the onset, I imagined Baggit to be the brand that it is today! Only half a decade ago, Baggit was exclusively a brick and mortar brand, but today we are a brick & click brand thanks to our omni-channel strategy. From the power of segment intending to the focus on future after my failure, I have always allowed the power of vision to guide me. Having a vision and planning out things makes more efficient use of my time; I am able to create my future. For example, I always plan out my days and weeks in advance. I encourage my teams at Baggit also to do the same and we even invest in technology to ensure our task-lists & projects achieve complete efficiency.

  1. “Creativity is the engine of business innovation”FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM _22.03.2018

It goes without saying, how important it is for an entrepreneur to possess creativity. My need to do something creative during my free time, while interning at two retail stores led to the birth of Baggit. Today, Baggit has made a niche for itself with the quirky bags we manufacture that we believe allows our consumers to carry with them their distinctive characteristics or attitude on their bags. If it wouldn’t have been for this urge to create ‘bags with an attitude’ then, Baggit wouldn’t have been the brand it is today.

  1. “Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes”DSC_3328

Failing in my Foundation course was a tight slap on my face. The failure did not stop me from achieving my dreams then. Today, everything I know in the world of retail is because when I began learning, I spent the days as an intern at the retail stores, which I joined when I failed instead of being demotivated about the course of my career. In fact, my category, design, sales & marketing teams follow these steps – the foundation of which was the retail store internship.

  1. “Whoever understands the consumer best, wins”b2

Apart from vision, creativity, and motivation, your consumers are the most important aspect of your business. As fashion is such a dynamic space with trends changing almost every day, it is helpful to stay up-to-date with these fashion trends so that you don’t find yourself playing catch up. I personally find the best way to do this is by interacting with and selling to customers directly at the stores. To ensure accuracy and honesty, I wear the front end retail uniform and interact on a weekly basis with the consumers when they shop. This helps me understand how the brand-consumer loop is successfully closed and also get a better understanding of consumer expectations.