Work from Home; Not a Myth

‘Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life’ – Dolly Parton.

Today, many of us find ourselves facing problems juggling between work and ourselves. At the work front, there is always so much to get done; papers to sign, meetings to attend, new verticals to oversee and expansions to be made. And at the same time, all of us struggle to remove time to do something for ourselves – whether it is spending time with family or just curling up with your favourite book or web series. However, with the help of new technologies and an ability to bring your vision to reality, all this can be successfully taken care of without any hassle. After all, Michele Obama has rightly said that ‘We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to do’s list’.


I faced my first major problem in balancing work and family when it was time to decide upon a school for Vedoci. Manjo, being unhappy with the teaching methodology at schools in Mumbai decided to build of school himself in association with SSY under Guruji’s guidance. This school was built at a plot of land at Katarkhadak which was at a distance of about 180kms from Mumbai, near Hinjewadi in Pune. The new school called, Rishi Gurukulam, was operational by 2010 and Vedoci was enrolled. I was tied to my work in Mumbai but Vedoci, 180 kms away from me, was equally important. Thus, I started to work on a three-day week travelling to and fro Katarkhadak and office; to balance between my Baggit family and my real family.

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Technology has also come as a perfect solution to many similar problems. Like for example, Whatsapp was a complete boon with its ability to make quick correspondence and ease of making attachments. I’m sure consumers at malls all over the world must have found it really funny to see me promptly open up Whatsapp, proceed to shoot a video with my instructions and then send them over to respective teams for them to take action.

But technology can only help you that much. You need to have a vision in place – and not just long term but short term as well. Create each hour; plan your day and your week in advance. This will by extension make sure your work is planned and executed better. I even visualize all my meetings for up to 20 minutes so that I don’t find myself stuck in the office for long hours in what seems like endless meetings. Keeping everything planned and foreseen will allow you to utilise your time much better than if you were working on the fly.


Moreover, my trustworthy support system including my home and office staff and even my driver have also always helped immensely. They work to always ensure that all my papers are with me whenever I’m on the road so that all the menial work like signing documents happens on the go and does not needlessly take up important time that can be diverted to other things. With the right attitude, technology, vision, and supportive people with the right direction, work and home can be balanced together leading to a nice and fulfilling life. Because, balance is not something you find, it is something you create.

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