Women Power All The Way!

We’ve been to the moon and back and yet, some people believe that the kitchen is where a woman belongs. She is not entitled to have her own voice, and becoming an entrepreneur, for many women, is a dream that is as distant as the moon itself! My heartfelt sympathies are with such people who believe that patriarchy makes a nation shine.


Standing at par with their male counterparts and in some cases, even ahead of them in the league, India has had such real-life superwomen who sent all notions of a male dominant society to the trash. Some examples of such Superwomen include Indra Nooyi, Mary Kom, Kalpana Chawla, Irom Sharmila, and the list goes on.

Closer to home, we have our own list of Super woman who inspire us at Baggit every day like our women front end staffs at the stores who keep effortlessly working, attending customers with smile. In fact even before opening our first Exclusive Brand Outlet of Baggit, I was determined to address the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace. Baggit sees 38% of women employees, being one of the highest gender ratios and many departments are also led by women. This was the result of an attitude inculcated at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, when the reigns of business and independence were seeded by my mother. She always encouraged me to follow my dreams, standing like a firm pillar of support at all times. She even accompanied me to meet the vendors in the crowded, dingy lanes of Abdul Rehman Street, Do Tanki, and Hindmata. It is her love and support that have played an exemplary role in making me the self-made businesswoman that I am today!

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For me, there is no greater joy than to see a woman live her dream in the waking state. I regularly try to network with and inspire entrepreneurial aspirants by sharing my journey – the story of a girl who failed in class 11, only to end up being the MD and CEO of a 100-crore company. Both, at the Katarkhadak Ashram and at Baggit, I often catch up with our sari-clad helpers to see if there are new avenues for them to grow. In fact, Baggit being a Made in India brand often looks to the villagers of Katarkhadak when employing talent for the production and post-production processes. There is an unparalleled feeling when few of these women realize their dreams and inspire those around them.

I would be wrong if I miss out on the incredible role Vedoci has played in my life. Right from patience and passion to selflessness and self-confidence, she fills my life with the fragrance of love and happiness. Being my daughter, she teaches me the importance of learning every day! It’s just wonderful to see how she dotes on her mamma and papa, emulating what they do day in and day out.

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Women, you can really have the world, that too, your way. And those who think that women are a step behind just remember that it was a lady who swung between life and death, only to bring you into this beautiful world. So, when it is a woman who has unconditionally blessed you with life, how can a parallel even be drawn between you and her?