The importance of vision led action

Just picture this: you need to buy groceries, shop a dress for a party, and pay the bills, all in an hour! I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed by reading the opening sentence. But what if you actually can do it all, that, too, in time? You neither need to be a magician nor rub Aladdin’s mystical lamp. All you need to do is segment intending.

Segment intending is a practice by which you can visualize and manifest your future the way you want to. Consider the example mentioned above. After planning your day in the next one hour, you say to yourself, “I am buying fresh, healthy vegetables and all that I need is in stock. The dress that I am looking for is waiting for me to arrive and take it home. The clerk at the counter has nobody to attend to and I am the one first in line to pay the bills.” There; all the goals are ticked off in less than an hour.


The concept of segment intending has gained prominence only in the last decade, but we, at Baggit, have been regularly following it, right from the time we were introduced to the principles of SSY (Siddha Samadhi Yoga). Every day, vision guides my actions. Writing this vision in a message and sharing it with my team on a daily basis sends waves of positivity around. It also helps in aligning the visions of the team.


It also helps me focus my thoughts more deliberately and clearly. Even before living the next ‘segment’ in life, I create it, shape it and live it the way I intend to. Before entering the meeting room, I tell myself, “I have an excellent team who assists me in taking Baggit to unprecedented heights. It is motivated and organized to meet targets. All the decisions are taken with a healthy discussion, giving preference to the brand’s interest over individual employee interests. When driving home after work, I say, “We all spend quality, fun and laughter times together. Have lots of and plan ahead.”

Doing so sends waves of happiness and gratitude into the universe. Think of your thoughts as a magnet where like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. You feel in-charge of all the circumstances around you because everything that you want to achieve comes true when you have vision.. I remember a day when I was on my way to deliver some samples. In my mind, I kept praying, “I kept seeing myself having amazing sales. Baggit has grown by leaps and bounds.” And we came out with Rs 45,380 hard cash! It was such an exhilarating feeling, that we kept screaming the amount in the car on the way back.

Today, Baggit is a 100-crore brand with the proud label of Made in India. Every day, we visualize it to be a brand that cuts across all geographical barriers and redefining the global fashion trends. This shaping and channeling of thoughts guides each of our daily and broader decisions.

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Baggit is one of the few organizations where the vision is worked upon regularly, on a fortnightly basis. This not only helps the employees integrate their vision with that of the company’s but also ensures that goals are clearly defined and achieved. Besides this, the employees share their personal patterns and ‘wow’ moments of the day on a common WhatsApp group every day, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and transparency among the employees.

Whatever we focus our attention on grows. Each one of us can unlock our dream future. All we need to do is to have a vision and strive to achieve that with all our heart and mind. I am a living evidence of the magic of the segment intending theory. And if its wonders worked for me, they will for you too!