New Management Style

Times change, people change, and so do we. Just like the pendulum of a clock keeps swinging back and forth, without depending on anyone or anything, our lives are similarly characterized by constant changes that, at times, elate us, while at times, overwhelm our senses.
The change in the management style at Baggit is one such story to reflect on. Once a complete owner controlling every aspect of the business – from design and sales to marketing and finance – today, I see myself as a leader, walking with a team that equally assists me in problem solving. Putting my emotions into words, if Baggit were a chariot, my team and I would be its wheels. None is superior, none is inferior. Everyone is important, holding a unique position that is detrimental to the overall functioning of Baggit.
Gone are the days when the norm was MY RULES, MY WAY. Today, strategies are decided in meetings where the conversation flows in both the directions ,where all the HODs sit with me and together, we arrive at a workable plan. And in fact, the more people I meet now, I feel the more knowledge is shared. Every interaction fuels my insatiable thirst for learning and growing hand in hand, with my family at Baggit
In this change, the role of Mr. Nagarajan, MD & Founding Partner, Entheos Consulting, can never be underplayed especially when it comes to branding and positioning. His expertise in budgeting and marketing has given the management clarity on direction, And if there is somebody who imbibed in us the concept of business with purpose, it is none other than my loving husband, Manoj Lekhi. In Baggit’s quest to go global, Manoj, who is also the Chief Belief Officer at Baggit, empowers the environment at work with Guruji’s SSY values. As the CBO, Manoj imbibes in us a sense of detachment to wealth, making this business not only about making profits but also about learning every day. He keeps us grounded because the stronger our roots are, the better we grow.
Thanks to these values; for my Baggit family the retail industry is more like a university. Rather than focusing on winning or losing, we try to make every day a learning process which is enjoyable and beautiful.It’s all about cherishing the silent game of evolving at every step, irrespective of whether we’re dealing with national or international contemporaries, launching a new campaign, or creating new partnerships. At Baggit, our new motto is to make the most of every moment, rather than waiting to achieve the end results.
Indeed, we’ve come so far, and yet, a longer journey awaits us – a journey filled with opportunities, learning, and life. But, isn’t this what actually keeps the world moving ahead? After all, change is the only constant. And the sooner we embrace it, the greater we’ll flourish.