My Unconventional Habits!

Living in the advanced 21st Century is equivalent to walking the tightrope. The two ends – family and profession – many a times seems to be at loggerheads with each other, often leaving me gasping for breath! Sometimes I wish that there was a machine that would teleport me to an era that is untouched by the complexities of the modern generation!


When I see today’s world that is pressured by the society’s rules and unspoken habits, I wonder if people really know the meaning of living free. If we take a deep breath and think intuitively, things aren’t that difficult as they seem from the outside. Living free and living happily is something that I have always encouraged, be it to Vedoci, my daughter or my other family members, and not to forget, my beloved Baggit employees.


My Guruji, Shri Rishi Prabhakar, once told me, “A healthy body is a gateway to a healthy soul. And the zeal to stay healthy starts from you.” Every day, this mantra seeps deeper through me. I am as committed to my body as I am towards Baggit; and it is with this dedication that I hold lot of the meetings in the office gym! I know it may quite overwhelming to some employees, especially the new joinees, to see their MD discuss strategy while being breathless on the treadmill or while stretching against the wall. But this is how I multitask and wish to inspire those around me to work towards their bodies & goals as well!

IMG_1066 (1)

My most comfortable outfit for office is a pair of ripped jeans clubbed with a loose T-shirt. A pair of track pants and gym vest works best when I go for a work out! This has been such an old habit that the HR doesn’t even bother to ask me if there should be a dress code for work! As long as the employees’ attires are not outright indecent, they are free to wear anything and everything. I believe that comfort is the most stylish accessory!

My favorite activity to unwind is swimming; not in the pool or at the club, but in a lake. It’s the way God intended it to be, depositing all the worries and anxieties within the depths of the cool, raw water. Besides, I love trekking, walking barefoot feeling the mud and stones under my sole. After all, aren’t these wonderful ways to connect with nature?


Another thing that drives me insane with happiness is shopping because I have been a part of the retail industry for so long, I feel shopping is the best way to understand the changing trends. Putting myself in the shoes of a customer, I love learning about what makes them shop in a competitive retail environment. It’s amazing to see how various fast fashion brands are creating beautiful new trends & inspiring the other brands, across the globe. Their communication is also top notch as they manage to capture audience interest very well.


These unconventional, non-MD habits define me as a person, a caring mother, an effective leader and a businesswoman with long-term focus who stands her ground, without being bogged down by societal norms.