The 3 magical phrases of my life

Have you ever felt your spirit light up gleefully with just a few words of encouragement? While hugs and gestures are symbolic of love and care, it is also true that even words can resonate deep with the soul and turn a dark, gloomy day into a happy, bright atmosphere.

Running a company with the SSY principles for more than three decades has taught me the power of words, whether spoken or written. Words can affect you as well as those around you, and choosing them wisely can create magic in life. Three such phrases that I strongly believe in are I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, and THANK YOU. They create magic in everything, from the water I drink to the sales numbers at Baggit.

Joe Dispenza, a well-known author, explained in simple steps how everyone can access a healthy and fulfilling life. With his work, he beautifully explains how we all are interconnected. If we behave in a certain manner, our vibrations attract people with similar vibrations. This way, we build beautiful relationships that are mutually respectful and beneficial.

Back when Baggit was in its budding stage, there were times when sales kept fluctuating and profits were bleak. At times, even the investors withdrew their support and the warehouses where we used to make bags were either shut down or taken away from us much before the agreement period elapsed. Amidst these waves of turmoil and despair, there were times when all I wanted to do is run to the hills, or at least send those adding to this despair to the hills. There were times when I would just lose my cool, either at the designer or the liftman or the delivery agent. It is during such times that I realized how important the three phrases are. Once I started using them, I felt light and at peace, both mentally and emotionally. It was almost as if problems disappeared after I started using these phrases. This helped me to not get overwhelmed by the magnitude of challenges faced by an entrepreneur. So much so that I use these phrases while speaking to myself as well – sending positive thoughts to all the people who have touched my life each day.


I have understood how vital it is to let things go and I attempt to abandon self-ego every day. Forgive and forget is what I strongly believe in. Hence, today I see myself as a better, self-aware human who is detached from feelings like anger, disappointment, and exasperation.

This has helped me run the business at Baggit for almost three decades, a timeline when most of the top leaders have announced their exit. With those three magical phrases, I learned the best way to deal with all stakeholders, because the only way to move forward is to move forward.