Marketing Techniques to Enhance Brand Building.



Just as Rome was not built in a day, brands are not built overnight. It is important to be in tune and well-versed with all the key branding strategies in order to create an effective brand.

Why do people choose a particular brand over the other? Let’s say, this happens when the person feels a connect with the brand. A brand must establish an image that speaks uniquely for itself and encourages people to buy it for all the right reasons.

One can achieve this through various tools, the most prominent one being marketing. As Joe Chernov, the marketing guru aptly said: “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

The first step towards creating a brand is to make sure that the kind of branding the company does should directly or indirectly answer all the purchase-related queries of the consumer. The second important key is to have a USP that differentiates it and makes it special for the consumer.

If you’re in the business of selling, it is important to know the marketing hacks to create the perfect branding strategy. Below are few marketing techniques for enhancing brand building :

Your brand must tell a story

You can’t push a brand in front of the customers and expect them to buy your products. People generally don’t favour brands that do not tell a story. And by story, I mean where the brand comes from, their beliefs, how they’ve shaped them throughout the years, the way they have adapted to suit their customer’s needs and perspective and the USP they offer viz a viz similar products. Your marketing should bring your brand’s story to the fore.

Personal touch is a must

The brand should make the consumers feel like you care for them. You need to ensure your marketing activities go the extra mile to make them feel you are concerned and are prioritizing their needs. The brand needs to add that personal touch that makes the customer feel special, thereby enhancing the brand’s appeal in their mind.


Offer discounts, sensibly

You cannot sell your products at half price in the stores and offer heavy discounts online as well. Chalk out a plan to balance the sale system across stores and online portals and keep a constant check. Also, avoid too many discounts or sale seasons in case of a premium brand. This makes a lot of impact on the consumer. Premium products can’t be on sale every now and then, this underplays the premium tag. Your marketing strategy needs to be nuanced to keep these factors in mind.

Go all-out on social media

Digital marketing is the buzzword right now. Use social media platforms smartly to promote your brand and build an enviable reputation among your potential customers. Social media has a huge impact, especially on the youth, and they are our key customers. Whether it’s Twitter, FB, or Instagram, ensure your digital marketing strategy is peppy, upbeat and in sync with the various needs of many SMN platforms.

Perfect the amount of exposure

The right amount of exposure, when to promote your products and when to withdraw, is an art in itself. Market your products/services in tune with the time/seasons that best suit the core proposition of the product. Avoid being in your face with your marketing. Space out your strategy, this way you will ensure strong brand recall without being obtrusive.

Brand building is not a cake walk. It takes an immense amount of time, energy, intelligence, resources and a humble purpose to make your brand success. It doesn’t come easy. You must know your area of expertise, where you lack and where you can improve. It’s all about experimenting.

Innovation, design and marketing together either make your brand or break it.

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