Five Insights



This year Baggit completes 28 years of excellence. The journey started with a small outlet and today we are present in over 90 cities. Over these years, I have been curating fashion drawing inspirations from nature and culture to create modern appealing designs. In order to grow, Baggit needed an eco-system of collaborations and collaborations that provided value to the end customer.
Omni-channel integration
Baggit is introducing a multichannel approach, a high-quality customer experiences that occur within and between contacts channels, to sales that seek to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online or in the stores. When brands think customer experience they need to think Omni-channel. It’s not about your customers or their customers, it’s about all customers. For example – Amazon worldwide provides special home delivery keeping in mind office goers leaving home early in the morning, hence the delivery takes place either before 9 am or after 8pm.
Bringing a lot of digitization
To meet high customer expectations, a lot of digitization is needed. For example, Starbucks has collaborated with Alibaba for a first-of-its-kind store that will provide an enhanced customer experience by adding virtual and augmented reality to its menu. They will be introducing tablets from screen perspective for the purpose of communication. The communication between the customers and the brand will take place through such tabs. There will be another tablet for feedback from the customers as well as a third tablet which will let the customers do online purchase at the outlet itself.
Creating attractive windows
Creating an attractive product display can draw the customer in, promote a slow-moving item, announce a sale, or highlight new arrivals. Baggit is looking forward to making windows interactive and stands for the purpose. The reason behind this shall be the audience looking forward to the new Baggit window. The strategy of Baggit is the integration of technology, leveraging and pulling it in the stores.
Metro specific flagship stores
To open an outlet that will give brand experience to the customers. The outlets should not be sales driven but brand driven. This approach includes brand experience with technology-driven giving wholesomeness to the brand. Pepperfry has opened outlets, not for sales perspective but to let the customer experience their goods and services. Baggit’s objective is to open such flagship stores to provide the same experience to the customers.
In order to grow, the company needs to collaborate with another brand. Creating an ecosystem to the collaborations gives value to end customer in a humongous state. For example, Apple collaborating with gaming company in the United States where Apple gave a platform to the gaming company. Customer in India is value driven. They want to save money as well as buy new products. Collaboration creates innovation and the major perspective behind it is saving. Collaborating with another brand increases sales and participation of the target audience. For example, in Samsung stores when the customer purchases a high-end device, they are advised that if they pay through HDFC Card, they will get cash back.