My favourite travel goals inspiring destinations!

Travelling, for me, is like detox. It’s like leaving all the worldly problems in the back seat and flying to a distant land, only to return home with a truckload of beautiful memories and learning experiences for life!

Irrespective of whether I travel for work or for leisure, every trip opens doors to learn something new. It teaches me so much that at times, I get stunned as to how much knowledge there is to reap from the world!

Luckily, my work and my love for travel have taken me to destinations that have taught me so much about people, nature, and business. When I travel for work, one of the things I really enjoy doing is paying surprise visits to stores. Ahmedabad is my favourite place to head to when travelling for work as the vibrant culture of this peppy city in Gujarat always makes for interesting customer understanding. Full of life and light, you should just see how the city glows like gold during Navratri!

London is the ultimate destination when I travel for both work and leisure. Because it is home to some of the most exotic shooting streets and Victorian architecture buildings, travelling in London is always a dual purpose trip. In addition to learning about the latest retail trends, I also pamper the shopaholic in me when flying to this fashion and glamour capital of the world!
At times, I travel only for leisure and on such trips, all I want to do is relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. To unwind me, Bali is the supreme place to be. The pristine beaches, lazy palm trees, and white-washed beaches make Bali no less than a real paradise on earth. The ideal destination for swimming in turquoise waters, cycling on roads nestling amidst nature, and losing my senses to relieving massages…a trip to Bali is a complete detox by itself!


Who travels to maintain a work-life balance? Well, I do! Travelling to Katarkhadak in Pune gives me an opportunity to work amidst nature. The majestic hills, tranquil lakes, lush green lands, and natural tree houses make Katarkhadak a place that makes work from home an exciting thing. Such is the mental peace I feel here that I complete my work in just one-third the time I take in Mumbai! So whenever I am looking for working at peace, I head toward this place that is just180 km from Mumbai!


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Travelling is an activity that continues inspiring me. Every trip is a new learning adventure; it sort of enriches my view of the lovely world! More than the opportunities to travel, it is the increased opportunities to learn that fascinate me and make me feel alive.