How I #PutItOnTheTable as Baggit CEO

At times, I feel that momtrepreneurs like me are no less than tireless warriors. Managing business and simultaneously attending to the demands of a growing child is far beyond easy. Reflecting on my college days, my love for design, colours, and innovation made me pursue a career in arts. In spite of my innate affinity towards the subject, I failed the foundation course in class 11. The guilt of failing affected me so intensely that I decided to do something big in life.

I really wonder how life has unfolded in front of me. And to fix this puzzle of thoughts in mind, all I do is #PutItOnTheTable. Since my childhood, I was quite clear about what I intended to achieve in life. In spite of the constant upheavals, my flame of faith in myself & my team never went out. And I think it is this ability to never let go and keep moving that has allowed me to lead my Baggit family!
Apart from believing in my instincts and chasing my dreams with the speed of light, my outspoken personality has played a distinguishable role in helping me shake hands with success. Whatever my thoughts were, I always gave a voice to them as clearly and honestly as possible. Some people agreed, some disagreed, and some even judged my decisions. But this outer chaos did not affect my inner peace. I was firm to not let anyone label me as stupid, just because I was different from the rest!
Fighting these external battles, I went out to meet the owners of prospective retail shops for displaying Baggit products. I also made it a point to personally negotiate the terms of the contract so that none, the owner or I, faced any losses. Because I am very focused on getting what I want, the house that I and my loving husband Manjo moved into after marriage was designed and furnished according to our tastes! From hiring the liftman of the building to getting Shopper’s Stop on board as our esteemed client, my negotiating skills brought the best of the world at my doorstep.
This is my story, the story of a girl who failed in college, only to end up establishing a 100-crore company. Life surely had its twists and turns, but navigating through them with a go-getter attitude and the love and support of my family, friends, and guru, Shri Rishi Prabhakar, not only helped me become a self-made businesswoman but also a better, loving, self-aware human being. Because I never hesitated to voice my thoughts, I could get all that I want, that too my way!
And if I can be my own boss and live life the way I want to, so can you! Keep aside the failures of yesterday and believe that tomorrow’s sun shall have something big in store for you, something that you thought was impossible to achieve. Be the independent person that you are, without caring about what others will think of you. You are bold and beautiful in your own unique way, and if the world doesn’t accept this uniqueness, just shut your eyes and ears and keep moving. Eventually, you will succeed!