5 leadership mantras that I swear by


Throughout the years at Baggit, I have witnessed profound joy derived from good leadership skills, be it with internal leaders or those on the side of our vendors. Good leadership not only keeps people around you happy but also allows you to reach new levels of self-respect.
And to help you reap the same benefits that make every day count like a blessing, I am going to share six leadership mantras that had, have and will play a pivotal role in guiding my actions.
1. Trust your instincts
Think of your gut feelings as messages from your soul. Your instincts are the ultimate abode for finding answers to the toughest of decisions, be it at the workplace or at home. Trust your gut feelings and you will be amazed at the way your world changes by seeing things from a broader, clearer, and newer perspective.
2. Get your hands dirty, it’s the best form of learning
From overseeing individual departments to looking for new retail stores to visiting stores on Saturday for customer interactions…life surely was challenging in the initial days of Baggit. But, irrespective of how big or small the task was, I put in all my heart and soul in doing it with love and perfection. This taught me a vital lesson for being a good leader: Step out of your comfort zone, get on the field and let your hands get dirty because true learning happens not by education but by experience.

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3. You can’t mitigate the risks you don’t take
If you try and avoid risks at one point, there will be other hurdles waiting to greet you at the next turn! When Baggit was opened at Atria Mall, Mumbai, coming to terms with the changing pattern of business was surely difficult. But with time and experience, I learnt new lessons on how to keep losses at a minimum. Whatever the circumstances, stay focused and do not get blown away by the tides of change.

4. Good human > Good leader
No matter what comes up, if you have committed to something, never back out from living up to it. Find your value system and stick to it. At Baggit, we practice a culture of Siddha Samadhi Yoga for the physical, mental and emotional growth of the employees. All employees are entitled to a three-day camp every quarter where they spend time with colleagues in an atmosphere that cuts through the hierarchies and roles that exist in the organization. Set against the backdrop of hills at Katarkhadak in Pune, the picturesque location allows for an enjoyable time away from work; something that we believe all employees need at Baggit.

5. Don’t forget to give back to the society
You are what you are because of the world around you, because of the people around you. When life smiles at you, be generous and return the happiness. Because life has blessed me with the best of all, I strive to give the best of all to the villages near Katarkhadak in Pune. By providing employment opportunities to women and quality education to kids, the chain of happiness has only multiplied further.
These six mantras have transformed my life and if they worked for me, they’ll work for you too! Start following them religiously and feel their magic unfold!

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