How a strong instinct helped me become the modern momtrepreneur



The journey of setting up a 100-crore company has been anything but a cakewalk. Just like other entrepreneurial tales, I too have had my share of challenges prior to celebrating a silver jubilee (and believe me, they exist even today, though in different forms).

If there was something that helped me stay hooked to the task at hand by battling the ripples of change, it was my strong instinct. Since the inception of Baggit, my instincts have played a decisive role in not only taking the brand to unprecedented heights but also raising my daughter Vedoci in a healthy manner.


Whether you are a mom or an entrepreneur, your instincts guide your decisions. They are silent words of wisdom that no philosophy book will teach you. When I started off as a small-time businesswoman, I had no real-time understanding of the business world. My dad ran his own factory on a credit basis and whatever business sense I had as a new market entrant was accumulated through his lessons at the dining table. That’s it.


As Baggit started growing, we started increasing production. However, our sales didn’t show a proportional increase. What was going wrong? I left no stone unturned to set things straight, but the problem seemed oblivious to my efforts! The only thing that came to my rescue was my strong instinct. Diving deep into my subconscious, I focused on what I intended to achieve and channelled all my energy towards fulfilling that goal. Of course it takes time to nurture this habit, but in the end, it is worth the effort.


Another area where instincts helped me become a better person is parenting. After the birth of Vedoci, life overwhelmed me. Shuttling between office and home took a serious toll on my emotional health. Vedoci naturally demanded more of my attention and in spite of stretching my limits, I felt that somewhere I am failing. Thanks to my powerful instincts, I soon began adeptly balancing both personal and professional life. By tying a simple “chaddar ka jhula” in my cabin, I could play the earth-shattering role of a momtrepreneur! The key is to understand why your child is crying. It is not because that poor tiny soul wants to trouble you but because he/she has no other way of expressing his/her emotions! And once I tuned into the frequency of my newborn daughter, my world only started blooming with unconditional love and happiness.

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Strong instincts provide answers to questions that might be difficult to comprehend. However, if you possess the zeal to shape your destiny your way, even the universe shall assist you in this quest. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone else. All you need to do is believe in yourself and have unshakeable faith in your instincts. Great instincts when coupled with persistence are what make you successful in personal and professional life.