Nature and Creativity – A Dance to remember!

John Muir an influential Scottish-American naturalist and author once quoted, “In every walk with nature one receives more than one seeks.” This quote stands very true to my life as well. Right from my childhood, Nature has been the silent nurturer of my creative insights and has shaped me as a person. Nature has always been the biggest inspiration in my life and there are several instances to prove how my work reflects my bond with nature.

Since my childhood, I was always on the creative side. Every evening at home, I would engage myself in painting, sketching bag designs, trying my hands at the craft with cellophane, art and glazed paper or sometimes even stitching bag prototypes. I remember how after a busy week I would also go for a walk and spend my time cycling through the breezy green lanes of Worli sea face. Those were moments of pure joy and childlike happiness where I discovered myself to be a much more energetic and happy soul from within. These little breathers in my life have always drawn closer to nature and have influenced my creative thoughts to a large extent.

My bond with nature grew stronger as I started getting exposed to a lot of travels in my adulthood and later when I started visiting Katharkadak, (KK) in Pune. I started brainstorming amidst nature instead of my office in the city and I discovered that the best ideas came to me in the silence of the mountains and the sweet chirping of birds and shimmering insects in KK. Most of my bag designs are a reflection of my observance of nature. The use of glitters, sequins and earthly colours that I choose for Baggit bags are because of my exposure to the beauty of colour playing among the picturesque mountains, the starry sky that we all love to gaze at and my experience of joy drenching myself in the rain, trekking or cycling in nature.

For example, the Chop bag from my latest collection is heavily inspired by the colours of the evening sky and its reflection on the rich foliage of the mountains. The palette of each sunset is not only mesmerizing to look at but also comes with the promise of new opportunities tomorrow. Thus, even a simple act of watching the sunset in nature stimulates my creativity to a great extent. So, when I am in KK I distance myself from the technological devices, sit in my tree house and brainstorm in the lap of nature. I have even discovered that I can be more productive amidst nature and complete all my paper works much quicker than I do at the office.


I bare my heart to nature for its simple intricacies. They make me what I am today and allow Baggit to define trends. This is why Nina Lekhi and Baggit bags have gained such popularity and love among the customers.