If consumer is God…

Day after day, I see elevated levels of enthusiasm and passion that my employees exhibit towards the job at hand. The raison d’être behind the success of a 100-crore company is that every day, employees feel an urge to contribute to the brand’s success with their full potential, just like angels feel for God!

My employees are a part of my family; it is their consistent dedication, devotion and determination that have helped me to make Baggit the brand that it is today. And therefore, ensuring their happiness and well-being is central to the flourishing business of Baggit.

With a reporting time which allows employees to contribute when they are their most efficient, employees are able to leave by 6:30 p.m. after a productive day at work. Thus there is enough time available to them for doing personal stuff in the evening and return to work afresh the next day.

Because Baggit has the buddy system in place, there are provisions for encouraging a minimum 10 day holiday every year. This provides enough breathing space for the employees to relax and regain the strength necessary for fulfilling professional commitments.

In addition to incentives for professional growth, there are incentives for employees who show growth personally and spiritually. The Katarkhadak ashram in Pune and the SSY (Siddha Samadhi Yoga) principles of effortless and joyful living make sizeable contributions in promoting employee transition through inner peace and happiness. There are meditation camps and spiritual workshops arranged at the ashram at regular intervals and employees attending these mandatory events are duly rewarded.

There are round-the-year HR activities during festivals. This gives employees the freedom to interact with colleagues and develop strong interpersonal skills. Sequentially, this fosters an atmosphere where learning, play and work converge at the apex of high cultural exposure!

A vital lesson that life has taught me is the significance of ‘Health is wealth’, a proverb I learnt in school. Because I am physically fit, I can navigate through the roles of a mother, a wife and, an entrepreneur, and still find time for myself! And to help my employees reap the same benefits, there are special facilities arranged. Every day, employees are served raw salad during lunch and non-fried evening snacks like nuts. By doing so, they are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle and stay happy, stay fit, stay positive!

Many times, in the employees’ quest to meet deadlines and achieve targets, they neglect two priceless factors: inner happiness and good health. At Baggit, I strive to put my best foot forward for helping my employees stay away from physical, emotional or mental turmoil because they’re my true angels. Some of them have witnessed Baggit transform itself from the cocoon to the butterfly stage. And without the love and support of my employees, I could never have realized my dreams and conquered the obstacles.