My 3 day work week


Being a working woman and a mother to my wonderful daughter, Vedoci, I can understand what turmoil a woman goes through when she wants to gain a balance on both fronts, professional and personal. It gets a bit more cumbersome when a working woman is an entrepreneur and has to head two lives together.


When Vedoci shifted to the Gurukulam based out of Katarkhadak. I divided my week into two halves. I visited Baggit head office Wednesday through Friday. Saturday mornings were allocated for retail store visits for customer interactions. This perfectly took care of my work front. Saturday evenings, I drove up to Katarkhadak and stayed there until early Wednesday morning.

This gave me ample time to spend with Vedoci and my husband, Manjo. My life suddenly got pretty sorted. A popular Hindi idiom might suit my case, ‘Paancho ungaliyaan ghee mei’. Getting my schedule ready for the week, I got time to indulge in other activities too of the Gurukulam. Being a foodie that I am, I volunteered to introduce fancy exotic food to make the kids familiar with global cuisines. Besides that, I wanted the school kids to gain knowledge of the outside world too for which I began arranging for factory visits and would make them meet entrepreneurs that I knew.

IMG_4813 (1)

I started indulging in adventurous activities with the kids, cycling in the surrounding mountains,  jumping off the nearby bridge into the water or playing football in the muck. My experiences always got compared my business and I would often come up with similarities. Adventure, to me, found relevance in entrepreneurship too. I found challenges like ‘taking the plunge’ as crucial to a business as they were to keep my enthusiasm alive like jumping off the bridge into the river even after knowing that the bridge was unstructured (no safety!) and about the poisonous snakes in the water.


Since then, Katarkhadak has my heart. The beauty of the hills there has left me mesmerized. Even now, whenever I go, I make sure to swim in the backwaters of the Mandi dam near the ashram and cycle around the hills to leave me enthralled by the thrill mountains and the weather. The school and ashram have an unobstructed view of the hills with stunning waterfalls, finding their way through the greenery. It works as a balm for my tired eyes.

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This journey started long back and even today, when I’m with Vedoci and Manjo, I put my phone on silent mode and check it only after long intervals. I know no other way of giving them quality time.

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I’ve bought both my schedules to peace after balancing my week. I make sure not to complicate them with each other and not sacrifice them for anything. My rule book to family and business balance is tied to my legs, till I exist.