To err is Human, to induce change is wise!

I have recently put in practice penalty on non-adherence of identified KRA’s (Key Result Area’s) recorded in the system called KAP’s. The most critical things, for example for a department such as accounts, it’s the payment of the compliance on time, which we all know, if not paid within the stipulated time frame, it attracts heavy penalties levied by the respective governmental department. In cases where we have ended up paying penalties due to laxity on part of the department, then the department is required to let go of their incentives for the quarter. It’s a way to amply punish them to keep them agile about their responsibilities. There are other examples; like for IT, it is the back-up of important files, for Sales it’s to amply stock up the stores during the EOSS (End of Season Sale), for marketing it could be the space on hire. Hired space cost money, and if it is not optimally utilized by us putting up a required hoarding or a poster, it would certainly mean improper utilization of resources.

So we have laid down the policies in form of the KRA’s and Systems in form of CAP’s.

I got the taste of my own policies when we had to follow the penalty system in one of Manjo’s classes. The post class to-do for all the participants is to spend first hour every day in planning and being with yourself. He said that entrepreneurs have this inherent aversion of reporting to anybody. However, we have these small groups of participants and each has to report to the leader daily confirming adherence to the daily one hour routine. I have been made to report to one of my IT head and I like reporting to him for he is one roly-poly kind of personality, basically a foodie just like me. So sometimes, I have missed doing the gratitude session and have ended up being on raw food the entire of next day. I have been able to manage it, though it is clearly a penalty. However, I do know it is for my good that I am being nudged to stay on track. So in a way I am getting a taste of my own medicine, of the penalty system I have implemented at work.

Also another experience on similar topic: I was leading a group of children to Surat and back a couple of weeks ago. I was to direct the bus to its destination. We had a group of 50 kids and we had started the journey at 5 am early morning and it was past 5.30 pm. And I misdirected the bus as I took the incorrect left turn that ended up adding another 45 minutes. The children were really tired and I felt miserable for adding to their plight. I thought to myself, what if it was another teacher who had ended up goofing up like I did. What would have been my reaction to the situation? I would have certainly passed a snide comment or at least given her or him a dirty look.

So then I knew how another person would feel when I rub in and reprimand people for making mistakes or messing up. And when I bombard them with question like “Why didn’t you do it? It’s written… Isn’t it pretty obvious …what went wrong?

And as I went through those couple of experiences of being on the wrong side, I realized its Human to err and instead of making a person miserable, make him more responsible and responsive by putting in place proper systems that can help him or her stay the course.