Untangle what is within you!

I feel realizations in life are like unraveling petals of a Rose as it blooms.  It’s a feeling so subtle, that it vanishes if you ponder too long. One such beautiful realization I wish to pen.  It’s such a wonderful experience when one realizes, that when your inside gets sorted, your outside world gets automatically sorted.

Like I had this slight altercation with one of the teachers recently, and it was all probably not about the actual incidence, but for the feelings she and I carried within us about the episode. We talked about it and, it was all that was actually needed to clear out the differences. It was a beautiful experience and truly made me realize the above fact, that what needs to be sorted are your insides.

During the same time we had all the workers of the factory at Katharkadak for the silence camp. The ladies from the Packing Department at the factory, inconspicuous from the usual circles of people you are with. It was a beautiful feeling, that you are in a position or have been given a chance to share what you are learning with these simple, beautiful people. So each of us is left to perceive what we can fathom from the teachings, to finally inculcate it to elevate our respective lives.

In the silence camp we have now been made to listen to talks by so many different speakers, just not Guruji or Manjo, but also teachers who have been invited to share their experiences. They also play audio videos of speakers from various other fields.

And each of them only trying to work on your inside, guiding you gently towards only one realization that what needs to be detangled is what’s within you and everything else outside automatically falls in place. It’s ultimately that when things and feelings get aligned, and people can work and live together amicably and most importantly, HAPPILY.