Taking Pride in following my Passion

I realized how fortunate I am to have work that I am so passionate about. Each time that I am involved  in any other form of activity, be it a family event or the outstation trips or even the silence camps; no sooner the event draws to a closure, I am all excited and craving to get back to work. This is how I felt all throughout my post natal period, when I had to look after my baby. There was this unexplainable pleasure of having a child and the beautiful experiences that came along, but at the same time I had this fledgling called “Baggit” that wanted my attention too. I remember how I used to have a make shift cradle for Vedoci in my factory office and put her to sleep just like a construction worker would in the streets below.

For many years Manjo being a trainer, would have his classes in the evening and was mostly at home during the day. The funniest thing is that unlike most kids Vedoci said Papa first, instead of Mama and I am so proud and happy that Manjo was always there to take care of her..  And there were times when I used to take her to the mother-toddler classes in the morning and be back by 12 p.m. I would be so eager to get to work, that I used to ask the driver to just drive around the blocks till Vedoci slept off, and as she went off to sleep, gently pat her on the back, put her into the bed at home knowing Manjo was around and she was in safe custody, then rush off to the factory. I would then be back home in the evening to take her out, so that Manjo could conduct his classes.

All women who have been in the working spree in their life, usually go through this anxiety to be back to work post their motherhood period. It’s more so because one feels creatively engaged, have that sense of direction and feel like they are contributing to something substantial rather than just changing diapers and going to birthday parties. Being engaged in one’s work infact keeps you from getting involved in mundane stuff like gossiping, comparison of possessions etc.

So whatever the struggle there was for me to keep up with work and home, I always had this sense of pride in all what I did. I think everybody needs to find their passion in life and make their passion their work. Life definitely would be a roller coaster ride then, instead of drudgery.