Cycling Trip

Life has its own ways to make you value the things that you have, those you have taken them for granted or relationships you always thought of as. This is the way things ought to be… isn’t it?

I did a cycling expedition recently as a stag with a group that comprised of couples. I was the only one not with my spouse for the four day trip.Though we have known each other for years, suddenly I felt the ‘single’ tag had gotten me the predator status as I started sensing that the couples preferred to stick to their respective spouses even more ardently than normal. Suddenly I was out of the circle. This gave me an opportunity to observe my group’s behaviour from afar. I wondered why couples who have been married for years would want to be so hawkeyed about their respective spouses. Does this come from an inherent insecurity that humans have or an instinctive “dependent-need-support” behaviour of Indian women or a more raw territorial behaviour.

It made me reflect on my relationship with Manjo, my husband of 20 years and spending these years together. We have had our ups and downs, but it has also led us to have that unspoken confidence that we are around for each other; however, at the same time we are individuals with our distinct passions, likes and dislikes. Our daily activities, mine as an entrepreneur and business woman and his as a spiritual guide and leader, keep us busy in our respective work most of the time, but our ideologies and outlook towards life is that what really binds us. Indeed, it’s through the spiritual guidance of Manjo that I have been able to establish and grow Baggit to the current level.

Both of us meet many different people in our spheres of life, people who each have a story to share. I feel I belong and am responsible for so many more people and that they all belong to me. Interacting with multiple people adds newer and interesting facets to my life and learning. And I am only thankful to the wonderful relationship I have with Manjo of love, trust and respect that has inspired and empowered me to accomplish what I have till date and keeps me geared up for more to come.