Amazing Surfing !

What a crazy surfing experience I had recently in Orissa. Something I thought was worth sharing with you guys through this blog. Being adventurous is what gets me going in life. I believe life has to be lived dangerously and in order to do so, it is important to gather the courage and venture into the unknown. Getting me to surf was one way of pushing myself towards the unknown and reconnect with one of my favorite pals – Nature! So, I was all geared up to get on the board and experience something I knew would be exhilarating. My trainer Kaylin was a German, with well defined, wash board abs and a superb athletic body that had all of us envying his lifestyle. He fit his name aptly- the surfing yogi! He got some of his Indian associates to tag along with him. You can visit them on their face book link You guys can check it out if you wish to. Initially, the idea of surfing seemed exciting, but when we got into the water and kept moving inwards towards the sea, the guide kept playing the fool and scaring the daylights out of all of us! I did start to get very apprehensive about going any further. I was going through the worst case scenarios in my head and was playing a particularly horrific scene where the tail of the surf board cut my head and my brains spilled out because the boat kept toppling over many times when we started off. During those times, I tried to remember what my husband always teaches me about visualizing an image or event you would desire to see or happen and experience it. But it was so difficult to practice this at that point, especially when I was so full of fear. But despite my pounding heart gripped with fear, I braved the waves and got on my board because I wanted to experience and learn surfing. I managed to stay on my board for a couple of the waves and learnt the basics before I could feel the tight grip of fear loosening its hold on my poor terrified heart. It was a great achievement for me indeed! Kaylin, my instructor was simply fabulous in terms of all the knowledge he shared about surfing and the way they live their life- always on the edge. Kartik, who was our organizer, handles his surfing guide trips in Orissa along with his professional surfing team. He also updated us about the “International Surfing Fest” that was organized in February, and suggested that I keep a watch for the same next year to see some mind-blowing surfers do their thing. I might not participate, but will definitely plan to go and watch the surfing experts and feel that adrenalin rush again! Kartik told us about their lifestyle, about how they hardly receive money, just the provision of accommodation and food. In the end all they want to do is surf and follow their passion which they do with single minded resolve. It was astounding to hear about their immense determination and love for a certain sport. They are always in the search of the perfect wave! Kaylin suggested that I go to Vizag and surf in the Monsoon, because it is supposedly the best time to experience the actual thrill of surfing as the water is perfect with the average wave height being 1.5 meters. Not to forget, it was my Wedding Anniversary and Orissa was the destination I chose. Had planned to see the Sun Temple, but got so busy surfing that I missed an opportunity to see the beautiful place. I always tend to postpone visiting historic places, but no worries, there is always a next time… right? One more reason to come back to the beautiful place.

Surfing Lessons!

I cannot miss telling you about the scary dream I had 4 days before I left for Bhubaneshwar and then I had not decided on going for a surfing trip. I had a dream in which I told myself that I would learn surfing and in order to do so I would have to report at 3:30 pm in Mumbai, something that was impossible because it was difficult for me. Reaching at such an odd time was not possible as I had to go to work. My work is like a web where I could get entangled and getting out of it is impossible. So, I decided to quit work for 2 years and just give my time for surfing and my associates in office- Mukesh, Vishal and Vicky are all going to manage the show. It’s a good thing that the trainer scared me. I am pretty sure I am not going to quit work. Hahaha! But the dream pushed me to register for surfing lessons and I am so glad I did!

On day two, they made me stand on the surf board in the river and all I had to do was paddle both ways. In order to do this you have to look down on the board. During this time, even if there is a little water coming in, you fear being toppled over.

Eventually, towards the end I got a hang of this scary sport; all I did was just look at the shore and continued to surf, so, even if there was a mild turbulence it wouldn’t bother me. I would keep my focus on the shore and keep going ahead. By just being in the water, I learnt so much. When every time the wave hit my board, I would just want to stand there and face it and go ahead with the water, to catch up. Every time I resisted, the water started to hit really hard. Facing it made me a lot tougher and much easier for me to surf. Isn’t that what happens in life too?

Also, the experience of simply allowing my body to go along with the wave was amazing and so empowering at the same time. Again a life similarity. If you just allow yourself to flow in life and ride the waves life presents, then it is simply wonderful. But the minute you say you have a fixed destination or tell yourself that you want to go right there and you want to do it in a certain way only, you lose the essence of life and you will have trouble staying afloat. Life is indeed a journey and not a destination is what I realized through this surfing experience. A beautiful memory I will cherish forever!