Make in India !

India is known to have some of the most beautiful women in the world indeed! Recently, Indian Fashionista Sonam Kapoor became the first Indian to feature in an esteemed global magazine and Priyanka Chopra became the face for an International brand. My personal favorite, Nimrat Kaur is also going to be seen in a hit US TV series. With these beauties creating a new image of India in the international industry, it contributes greatly towards changing the perception of Indian beauty and fashion along with it. Neither is the Indian woman’s image restricted to the palludraping village belle and nor is Indian Fashion restricted to Khadi and traditional handicraft. It has evolved by leaps and bounds and changed drastically over the last decade. Today’s Indian girls are no longer swept away by the “Now Available In India” label; the modern girl has her own choices, opinions and views about the latest trends and is also capable of understanding what true fashion is all about. Since Baggit shares similar sensibilities, it fits in perfectly with the current awareness of the Indian contemporary woman. It is completely a “Made in India” and “Vegan Fashion” Brand that has its own voice and image with the mission ‘to create beauty in usable form and pioneering fashion in the whole world in an entrepreneurship format’. Not only does it chalk up good sales, but provides employment and fosters entrepreneurship within villages  as well, empowering them to become business owners. Baggit has won several awards from PETA and its retail partners under various categories for its innovations, popularity and designs. We plan to keep trending in our “Made in India” mission and bag many awards from our patrons. With the #MakeInIndia trend becoming a reality, it has aided us in our mission to do so and has publicly added pride to a concept that was already very close to the Baggit team and a belief in our organization.